Friday, 12 July 2013

Food Event in Slovakia - Workshop of Healthy eating at Summer University for Children

 Dear friends,
we are happy to annouce one of the project "Food Events" organized by one of the partners - organization RESTART in Slovakia was a big success!
It was organized as two part workshop of "Healthy eating" at the local Children Summer University organized by KAMARAT freetime activity center in cooperation with Jessenius faculty of Medicine, Commenius University on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Since earlier in the project we learned from the questionnaire that fruits and vegetables are not that often on our plates, we decided that as a part of promotion of healthy cooking and eating we will together with the children prepare fruit desert - pieces of fruit on stick and "Balkan salad" as sidedish for Thursday's lunch.
On Tuesday we prepared several stands with different types of fruit: strawberries, apples, bananas, oranges, pinaples, grapes and water mellon. Older children were peeling and cutting the fruit and younger did put it on a stick. It was only after the lunch when they were allowed to take fruit on sticks and cover them by nice dark chocolate in a chocolate fountain. For those of you that cannot see connection of chocolate with health, this was high percentage pure cocoa, dark original belgian chocolate, which contains many healthy minerals and micronutriens - in limited amounts is important for children development.
On Thursday, during the second "Workshop of healthy eating" the children participated in preparation of sidedish for the main course of the lunch. They peeled and chopped vegetables and fresh goat cheese and made "Balkan Salad". Though it was obviously not as popular as fruit with chocolate, they were happy to see how they are appreciated by other groups of children that enjoyed the lunch. After the salad was made we still had some time to discuss various eating and cooking habbits of different nations: we spoke about Italians, Greeks and Turkish as southern countries with small breakfast and big dinner, UK lunch of soup and cheese and other specifics of another European cuisines compared to our Slovak way of cooking and eating. The children enjoyed it very much and we are happy we could be part of this great event.
You can check out more photos at the album of the Slovak Food event here:
We wish you all healthy week!
Martin and Ivana from Restart

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