Monday, 29 October 2012

1st project meeting: Newcastle, UK

Dear friends! Welcome to the blog of project Let's Go Cooking in Europe (LEGOCIE). This project is devoted to investigation of various ways of preparing national healthy meals and food.

After successful application in 2012, 10 partners started preparations for the first meeting. The coordinating organization Accentuate from Northern England invited us to Newcastle upon Thyne, beautiful city with 7 bridges in the North of UK. This was important getting-to-know-eachother meeting, since not all partners were acquinted before. The accommodation was chosen based on suggestion of leading partner and was great, right in the city center. Despite early morning false fire alarm we were ready to meet Stewart, who together with Sarah that we met later are behind the initial success of this project. They prepared very nice cooking session right in the start of the first day! We cooked our typical UK lunch - soup (actually 3 kinds) that was served with selection of the finest bread and cheese. Many partners already showed their deep cohesion with kitchen equipment and supported by fantastic recipes of Sarah and .... we all had lovely lunch.
In the afternoon we started with each partner's presentations and official programme, that was prepared in detail by the hosts. The programme continued also the next day by visit of the Angel of the North and Beamish museum, where one could see in person about hard life of people from early industrial era. Following the museum visit was very nice dinner near the river Thyne, where we stood in amazement while Stewart told us stories about the bridges of Newcastle.
On the third day of the meeting we went to Blackfriars restaurant, where local restaurant owner Rick offered his offices where the remaining partners succesfully finished presentations about their countries and organizations and also negotiated and prepared activities to be done before and on the second meeting. After just few days all partners started to feel comfortable and found common wave of common understanding. Preliminary dates for next meetings in Cyprus, Slovakia and Greece were planned. Final visit of original UK football match among Newcastle - Bruges was the cherry on the top of the meeting. I have to say it was perfectly organized, with all important information sent ahead, full programme and also sufficient amount of hard work that started very successful cooperation of all partners. Thank you Stewart and Sarah and people from Accentuate, you did a great job!

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